Copper Center – 2017

June 16 – 25, 2017

Tom Denlinger 2010This team is filled and will be led by Ron Good. Ron has led several teams to Copper Center in the past few years and is very excited about this new team! He and his wife, Wanda, are members at Mount Joy Mennonite Church and have been married for 29 years. He will be leading this work assignment under Craig Norwood (pastor with Village Missions and general contractor in Alaska). Ron has over 30 years of experience in carpentry and currently employed by Ebersole Brothers Construction as an Estimator/Project Manager.  If you have any questions, please email Ron at:

Timothy & Annamarie Dixon (right) will be also assuming some of the leadership roles of this team. They have been married for 6 years and they have 2 small children. They serve at Encounter Church in Quarryville, PA which is where the majority of this team is from. They have a passion for the outdoors and seeing lives changed for Jesus Christ. Annamarie is a stay at home mom and Timothy is an arborist.

We will be continuing to work on renovating the former Copper Center Community Chapel into a much needed parsonage. The project will consist of running electric, constructing interior walls, insulating the walls, installing a ceiling, kitchen and bathroom, drywall and painting. You can see photos of last year’s parsonage team by clicking HERE.  

The team will be flying to Alaska on Friday, June 16 and working 40 hours during the following week in Copper Center. Copper Center is in southeast Alaska and is approximately 200 miles from Anchorage.

We are looking forward to serving our brothers and sisters in this Native Alaskan village this June.

We will take time to marvel at the beauty of Gods creation and give him praise for the wonder that is Alaska . Would you please take time to pray for this team? 


You will be flying out of Alaska on Saturday night, June 24 and returning home on Sunday, the 25th.

I want to be part of this team! What do I do next?

If you want to be part of this team, please complete this Registration Form with a $40 registration fee. You will be contacted by Carl Ginder (LightShine administrator/treasurer –, and you will begin to raise your financial support by sending out letters to your church family and friends telling them your desire to serve the LORD in Alaska. This is a short term missionary assignment. Therefore, we encourage you to be accountable to your pastor and church elders and ask them to send you to do this work.

What are the deadlines for raising the money?

The cost of this trip is $1750 and covers your entire trip expenses.

There are two deadlines for raising support.

Half of your support ($875) must be raised by March 31, 2017. This allows us to have the money in place to purchase airline tickets.

The deadline for raising the balance of your financial support will be May 19. It is very important that you take the cost of the trip and this deadline seriously. There are a lot of expenses in organizing a trip like this one and we need every participant to do their part.

Please begin to pray about your involvement with our team this June and talk to your spouse and employer about setting these dates aside. It is highly recommended that you begin to raise support as early as possible. Every year people get worried as the trip approaches because they wish they would have started raising funds earlier. Please plan ahead and make your commitment now.

This is the land of the Ahtna people. Your involvement in this trip will be a great encouragement to them and the village of Kluti-Kaah in Copper Center.