2018 Teams

We are excited for our new teams that are being planned for 2018!

We will be serving in some new places this next year. We also have some opportunities at our new LightShine Base as well. God is good! He wants us to use our time and talents to build His Kingdom!

We will be adding to this list of confirmed teams (based on returning to the places we have served on our “2017 Teams” page) as we get more information. The cost of serving on our teams will be $1850 in 2018 except for our two winter trips which will be $1600 (due to lower airline fares). All of our team members raise short term missionary support by sending out letters to family and friends at church to raise this money. But you need to make your decision which team you will be serving on early on in the year (as soon as possible) in order to have time to meet the two financial deadlines. More on this soon!

  1. KCAM Radio Station, Glennallen – February 3-10.  We need 6 drywall hangers/finishers
  2. Alaska Dream Center – postponed till a later date.  Framing carpenters to close in a balcony and general laborers to cut firewood.
  3. Gulkana Village – June 8-17.  Steve Hoey will be leading another team this year to this Alaska Native village.
  4. Globe Creek Camp – June 22 – July 1. Mel Miller will be leading another team to work at the camp that we have been building since 2008.
  5. Bingle Camp – July 1 – July 8.  Ben Ebersole will be leading this team as he has been doing for the past 3 years.
  6. WEIO – July 15 – 22. Mark & Laura Raifsnider will be leading this year’s ministry team again this year!
  7. LightShine Ministries Base – Demolition Crew (pending) – This team will be clearing an area on our new property that is currently filled with old sheds, pheasant pens and debris. This is not a skilled labor team but will require some hard work. This team will most likely be in May 2018.
  8. Ouzinkie Ministry Home – Framing Crew (pending)
  9. LightShine Ministries Base – Garage Building Crew (pending)
  10. If you are a church or ministry in Alaska and would like to have a team come and serve you, please contact us and we will talk!
  11. (pending)
  12. (pending)
  13. (pending)

If you are not on our ministry email list, please send us an email at: lightshinealaska@comcast.net and we will keep you updated as new teams are established and details ironed out!