Alaska Dream Center – 2018

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Substance abuse is one of the key problems in Alaska that keeps people from experiencing true freedom in Jesus Christ. The Alaska Dream Center is an extensive one-year residential substance abuse program offered at no cost to those struggling with different life-controlling issues. They have established a residential center near Willow, AK. and have asked LightShine Ministries to help with some of their building needs. Click on their logo (above) to see their website and take time to watch this video (below) to learn more about this vital ministry in Alaska.

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For ten years The Alaska Dream Center has served men who are dealing with addiction recovery. In 2017 LightShine Ministries sent a work team to help prepare a new location to serve women. That effort, coupled with volunteers from other locations, enabled the Dream Center to open for women in June 2017. There is still work to be done to afford more women to opportunity to find help in their struggle to be free.

Cherise and Rob Hyslip, along with counselors and staff, provide a one-year residential program at no cost to the clients they serve. They know the importance of healing mind, body and spirit in recovering from addictions so they make certain that all aspects of the person are served. Graduates of the program attest to the effectiveness of the Dream Center approach which, for many, is their first encounter with the love of the risen Savior.

This July 21-29 we plan to send another team to continue the work. This year we will enclose two open balconies on the main building, work on a staff cabin, do some grounds work, and whatever else we can do to help. Our team has a variety of talents and a willingness to do whatever is asked.

The main task in 2018 is to enclose a balcony on an upper floor to make the rooms on that level useable. You can see the open area that needs to be enclosed in this photo. There are many other things that need to be done like cutting firewood, repairing outbuildings and general upkeep. We can use 8 skilled and unskillful men and women who are led to assist this important ministry. 
To see photos from our 2017 team, CLICK HERE.

Carl Ginder (pictured here with his wife, Eunice) will be the team leader for this team. Carl has led many teams over the years throughout Alaska as well as last year’s team to work at the Alaska Dream Center.  He is also Chairman of our Board. If you have any questions about this trip, call Carl at 717-826-1947 or email him at:

LightShine provides the tools, the Dream Center provides the materials and you provide the labor. By taking advantage of the off-season airfares, the cost of this trip is $1850. That covers travel, airfare, food and lodging.

If you want to be part of this team, please complete this Registration Form with a $40 registration fee. This fee covers the cost of an embroidered Carhartt team shirt and locks you in as a team member. Once you are contacted by your team leader and your place is secured on this team, you can begin raising financial support by sending out support letters to your family and church friends. Simply have them send missionary support to us for your trip costs. Your team leader will help you develop your support letter and include two important dates for your supporters to note. The first financial deadline for half your support ($925) is due on May 11. This first deadline is very important to keep because it will enables us to purchase your airline tickets. Once airline tickets are purchased, there is no backing out of the team. The second deadline for your entire amount is June 22. Please note that these deadlines are strictly enforced. Not keeping them will cause us to ask you to step down from this team and consider another future team. Please take time to review our “Policies” page for more information.

The earlier you register the sooner you can start raising your financial support. We encourage you to get this out of the way early so you can enjoy the experience without any distractions. You will be so glad you did! A side benefit on this trip is seeing God’s beautiful creation including mountains, moose and maybe even the northern lights. This will be a life changing experience for you and will give you a new perspective on helping those who are really in need!