Gulkana Village 2018 – Photo Report

(l-r) Nicole Bennet, Renee Hoey, Steve Hoey and Doug Winne

June 8-17, 2018

Steve Hoey was the team leader for this team.

This was our 6th consecutive year of ministering in Gulkana Village among the Ahtna people.  Over the years we have been able to help this wonderful village with many different projects.  Some we have started and they finished while others we have seen and are seeing to completion.  Probably the most monumental for the welfare of the village, at least in my opinion, is the Biomass plant which was completed this past October with the addition of the Briquette machine.  This plant is the only one of its kind in the Copper River Valley area and has the potential of bringing jobs and income to Gulkana Village as well as an affordable heating alternative for the people of the valley. Here are some photos from the week …

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