Gulkana Village – 2018

(l-r) Nicole Bennet, Renee Hoey, Steve Hoey and Doug Winne

June 8-17, 2018

Steve Hoey is the team leader for this team. You can email Steve at:

This will be our 6th consecutive year of ministering in Gulkana Village among the Ahtna people.  Over the years we have been able to help this wonderful village with many different projects.  Some we have started and they finished while others we have seen and are seeing to completion.  Probably the most monumental for the welfare of the village, at least in my opinion, is the Biomass plant which was completed this past October with the addition of the Briquette machine.  This plant is the only one of its kind in the Copper River Valley area and has the potential of bringing jobs and income to Gulkana Village as well as an affordable heating alternative for the people of the valley. Click here to see our progress on the teen center last year

In June, of this coming year, we are looking to complete the renovations of the Teen Center building (pictured here).  This is an important building in Gulkana Village as it gives the young people as well as adults a place to study and exercise.  It will also have an area to house visiting Pastors and Elders.  Over the past several years we have been working on this building with 2/3 of it now complete.  In 2018 we are looking to add a new (pitched) metal roof and finish the bedroom and bathroom area.  We are looking for a total team size of 6-8 people including 2-3 experienced roofers/framers, a drywall finisher, a plumber and some general laborers who can paint and lay flooring.  We are also looking for a cook for our team.  We already have several people either committed or interested in this team.  If you have an interest in ministering to/along-side Native people in Alaska and have a skill that we could use, please consider joining us.










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