Ouzinkie Team 2018

July 14-22

The village of Ouzinkie is located on Spruce Island, approximately 12 miles North of the city of Kodiak. The modern village of Ouzinkie, founded 150 years ago, derived its name from the Russian term “uzen kii“, meaning “rather narrow“.

The Ouzinkie Narrows separates Spruce Island from Kodiak Island. The village is part of the ancient homeland of the indigenous Alutiiq people who have continuously occupied the Kodiak Archipelago. Ouzinkie is only accessible by air and water.

Currently, the population of Ouzinkie includes 200 year round residents, mostly of Russian Aleut ancestry. Forty percent of the population of the village is under the age of 25. (from www.ouzinkie.org)

The Mission in Ouzinkie was opened in the 1930’s as an orphanage and children’s home. In the decades since, it has served as village kindergarten, clinic and youth ministry hub.

Today, Matt and Tammy Jones (our hosts to the right) continue the legacy of service through weekly children’s Bible club, youth group activities for older kids, an art as therapy program and home church gatherings. Through hands on practical helps, they provide day to day examples of living lives of faith in a native village with no other spiritual leadership. Their focus is discipleship of a people group who identify as Russian Orthodox but have no real idea of what life in Christ offers. They welcome ministry teams for program assistance, labor on the renovation of the Mission property and recently, for construction help with the building of their personal home. For more information on the Alutiiq people visit the Alaska Heritage Center at http://www.alaskanative.net/.

We are excited about this new opportunity!

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Jeff & Yolanda Leer will be your team leaders. They have been married for 33 years and have three grown children and 4 grandchildren.  Yolanda is a registered Nurse, (RN).  Jeff is a Licensed Professional Counselor, ( LPC).   They lived for 11 years in New Mexico, working with Native Americans.  They raise animals and enjoy gardening and “all things outdoors”.  They have a passion for Native American people and are excited to partner with ministries in Alaska.  They plan to lead a team to help provide framing work in Ouzinkie, Alaska.

We need carpenters for this team! To contact your team leaders, contact them at 717-881-1856, or email at: Yolandaleer@yahoo.com

If you want to be part of this team, please complete this Registration Form with a $40 registration fee.  This fee covers the cost of an embroidered Carhartt team shirt and locks you in as a team member. Then you will be able to begin the process of raising the $1850 for this trip. Once you are contacted by your team leader and your place is secured on this team, you can begin raising financial support by sending out support letters to your family and church friends. Simply have them send missionary support to us for your trip costs. Your team leader will help you develop your support letter and include two important dates for your supporters to note. The first financial deadline for half your support ($925) is due on May 4, 2018.

This first deadline is very important to keep because it will enables us to purchase your airline tickets. Once airline tickets are purchased, there is no backing out of the team. The second deadline for your entire amount is due June 15, 2018. Please note that these deadlines are strictly enforced. Not keeping them will cause us to ask you to step down from this team and consider another future team. Please take time to review our “Policies” page for more information.

The earlier you register the sooner you can start raising your financial support. We encourage you to get this out of the way early so you can enjoy the experience without any distractions. You will be so glad you did!