2019 Teams

Hello Everyone!

Here are the teams that are starting to form for 2019. We are in the process of building webpages for each team. Contact us if you have any questions: lightshinealaska@comcast.net

Dream Center Team – March 1-11 – General carpentry and good, common sense work ethic needed for our team members. Assignment Completed!


LightShine Base Camp Set Up Team – May 13 – 26 This will be a “roughing it” team where we will be setting up tents, building an outhouse (not using one till it is built), building shelving and installing a counter space, sink and water system in our new cookhouse, and preparing our property for the coming teams so they will be comfortable. We will be sleeping on cots in cabin tents. We could use one person who is skilled in general carpentry.

LightShine Base Camp Foundation Crew – May 18 – June 2 – This team will be joining the Set Up Team and working primarily on preparing the foundation for a new building on our property that will be the center of activity for the next couple years. Being flexible and willing to sleep on cousin cabin tents and using an outhouse is a must. We still need concrete finishers!

LightShine Base Camp Framing Team – June 1 – 9 – This team will be framing a 28’x60′ structure with three garage bays and trussing system above that will have a center room above the garage. The team will be sleeping on cots in cabin tents and using our new outhouse! So, come prepared to work towards the future convenience for others! This team is filled!

LightShine Base Camp Exterior Team – June 7 – 16 – This team will be working to “button up” the exterior of the new building. They will be installing a metal roof, siding, soffit and fascia, and windows and doors. We need to get it “dried in” for winter and this team will be doing that. This team is filled!

Gulkana Team – June 14 – 22 – This team will be serving the Alaskan Native Gulkana Village Council for their 7th year. This team is filled!


LightShine Base Camp Electrical Team – June 22 – 30 – We need 3 electricians for this team installing all our electrical service for our new building on our missionary base.

Bingle Team – June 27 – July 7 – This will be our 5th year working for this Bible camp south of Fairbanks.

WEIO – July 13-23 – We need 10 people to serve on this ministry team at the World Eskimo & Indian Olympics. This team fills up quickly. This team is filled!

Globe Creek Camp – July 26 – August 4 – This will be our 11th year working for this Bible camp north of Fairbanks. This team is filled!


Regent Life Church September 26 – October 7 – Located in Homer, Alaska, this will be our 2nd year working with the church.