2020 Teams

Because of travel restrictions due to the pandemic, we were forced to move all of our teams to start in July and several teams have been postponed till next year. Part of the reason why our regular teams have been postponed is because of travel restrictions within the state of Alaska to villages in the Interior of Alaska.

We are still planning the following teams in faith.  If your specific team was cancelled, please consider joining one of our property teams to work on our ministry base. We really need your help to finish this building which will be a sending point for all our teams in the future.

Please PRAY that travel restrictions are lifted by the dates listed below – both from Alaska & Pennsylvania’s point of view. Alaska appears to easing its restrictions in June. But Pennsylvania’s governor could prolong restrictions – making it harder to travel. We also need your financial support to help purchase building materials for these teams.

Our LightShine Alaska Leadership Team is committed to following the guidelines set forth by our state leaders. But it is very important that we send these four teams (below) to complete these four vital steps at our team housing/garage this summer. This building was built last summer and will be the center of activity for years to come! We need to keep the momentum of the ministry moving forward.

We welcome all who want to join us!  All teams are in need of a Cook, General Laborers, and anyone willing to work 40 + hours a week!

July 10 – 19LightShine Missionary Base – Electrical Team – (3) Electricians & (2) Carpenters – Installing electrical service to the garage and cook shack, install windows & general carpentry needs.

July 17 – 26LightShine Missionary Base – Insulation & Plumbing Team(4) General Laborers, (3) Plumbers, (1) Carpenter – We are hiring an insulation company in Alaska to apply spray foam to exterior walls of this building. We need several people on this team that can help with the “prep work” laying plastic, taping off windows and other areas that need to be protected as well as clean-up afterwards. We will not be using fiberglas insulation in case you were wondering.  We also would like several people who can do plumbing to do rough in plumbing in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, wash sink in garage and pressure tank. This is an important team that has to complete its work before our Drywall Team arrives.

July 24 – August 2 – LightShine Missionary Base – Drywall Team – (4 – 6) Drywall hangers and finishers

August 1-9 – LightShine Missionary Base – Siding Team – (6-8) carpenters will be installing rustic siding on the garage and building an outside staircase to the second floor.

September 24 – October 4 Regent Life Church – We will be continuing to help establish this church in Homer, Alaska

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