2021 Teams

This year has many opportunities for you to serve! Click on each team and read about their individual assignments. If you have any questions, please email the team leader for each team. FYI – If you have concerns about traveling because of the ever changing COVID regulations, CLICK HERE to read our COVID Guidelines & Policies. Although we know there is a legitimate concern for many people, we encourage you not to allow this discourage you from serving. The LORD desires to work through us in spite of the potential risks. Your team leader will openly discuss this with you.

Tree Felling TeamMay 7 – 16Tom Denlinger will be leading this team at the LightShine Alaska Missions Base. They will be focused on cutting down many trees and carefully stacking them for our sawmill team that will be coming in July. The members of this team need to be able to work hard. Although some of the team members need to have experience in using a chain saw, we will need a few strong men who will simply be there to move and stack logs. This will be a physically challenging team but very important preparing the ground for the next team. Assignment is completed!

Water & Electric TeamMay 15 – May 31 – Mel Miller will be leading this team at the LightShine Alaska Missions Base and will be following the plans established for both systems. Water – We will be soliciting help from local excavators in digging a footer for a pad for a new water house and building the structure (possibly 10’x12′) which will house a holding tank, pumps and heating system. This team will also be laying water lines and connecting them to the garage. Septic – We will be hiring a septic company to install the system that we had engineered for us. Our goal is to have this company build this system during these two weeks of work. Steve Hoey leading an electrical team during this time and will be working with a local excavator digging a trench from the electrical easement on our eastern border and connecting to our garage and cook shack. We also hope to run a fiber optic line in the same trench for internet access. Assignment is completed!

Finishing Team 1 – May 28 – June 6 Clair Denlinger and Phil Givler will be leading this team at the LightShine Alaska Missions Base. They will be finishing drywall, painting, and installing trim throughout the garage.  Upstairs – The team will be installing ceiling fans and interior lighting as well as linoleum in the entryway and carpet in the sleeping area. We also have to build (6) bunks beds. Kitchen – The team will be staining kitchen walls and installing rough cut sawmill boards in the kitchen, building decorative false beams overhead and lighting. Bathroom – A full bathroom needs to be installed. Assignment is completed!

Gulkana Village TeamJune 4 – 13  This team will be led by Steve Hoey. Assignment is completed!

Globe Creek Camp TeamJune 18 – 26  This team will be led by Randy Sauder. Assignment is completed!

Bingle Camp TeamJune 26 – July 4  This team will be led by Ben Ebersole. Ben is still looking for 2 – 3 team members to complete his team.  If you have a heart to serve and are a handyman, contact Ben! Assignment is completed!

Sawmill TeamJune 25 – July 4  Carl Ginder will be leading this team at the LightShine Alaska Missions Base. They will be milling logs with a sawmill, planing and stacking boards that will used for inside decorative trim and also preparing rough cut lumber at our missions base. This will be a very important team to help prepare for inside work in 2022. Assignment is completed!

World Eskimo & Indian Olympics TeamJuly 17-25  This team will be led by Mark & Laura Raifsnider. Pray for the leadership of these games as they make plans for this year. Last year the games were cancelled due to statewide pandemic restrictions. The WEIO website says that the games were established in 1961. That makes 2021 their 60th Anniversary. This is a significant year for them and we are thankful that we can be a part of it. Make sure that you plan on being part of next year’s team even thought this year’s team is filled. THIS TEAM IS FULL!

Kenny Lake Community Chapel TeamJuly 30 – August 8  This team will be led by Bobby Neuenschwander. This team will be tearing down a nonbearing wall in one of the class rooms to make a larger preschool class room. They will also be adding a shower in the bathroom so they can have missionaries/ speakers be able to stay at the church and have a full bathroom. There will be some painting and drywall patching and other miscellaneous projects around the church.

Finishing Team 2August 27 – September 5  This team will be led by Bob Neuenschwander and will be installing our kitchen, washer and dryer and whatever else our first finishing team was unable to complete in the first week of June.

If you have any questions or desire a team to serve in your area, please email us at: lightshinealaska@comcast.net