2021 Teams

Teams Serving Across the State

The following potential teams are being considered from our partnerships with the ministries we have been serving from past years. All of these teams need to be confirmed by the host ministry leaders of these places.

Gulkana Village Team – June 4 – 13  This team will be led by Steve Hoey.

Dream Center Team – This team has been led by Nathan Bond in the past. Dates have not be set for this team.

Carry The Cure Team – June 7-11  This team will be led by Bob Neuenschwander building a fire escape deck for ministry president, Bill Pagaran’s home during the week of June 7-11.

Globe Creek Camp Team – June 18-26  This team will be led by Randy Sauder.

Bingle Camp Team – June 25 – July 4  This team will be led by Ben Ebersole.

WEIO Team – July 17-25  This team will be led by Mark & Laura Raifsnider.

Regent Life Team – This team will be led by Steve Hoey. Details are coming.

East Gate Team – This team will be led by Steve Hoey. Details are coming.


LightShine Alaska Missions Base Teams

We have to finish our building at our missions base in 2021 so we can fully use it with our incoming teams. All of our teams will be sleeping in this building while still eating in the cook shack in 2021. Our goal is to complete the kitchen and bathroom so it can be used in 2022.

Water & Electric Team – May 15 – May 31

Mel Miller will be leading this team and will be following the plans established for both systems. Water – We will be soliciting help from local excavators in digging a footer for a pad for a new water house and building the structure (possibly 10’x12′) which will house a holding tank, pumps and heating system. This team will also be laying water lines and connecting them to the garage. Septic – We will be hiring a septic company to install the system that we had engineered for us. Our goal is to have this company build this system during these two weeks of work. Steve Hoey leading an electrical team during this time and will be working with a local excavator digging a trench from the electrical easement on our eastern border and connecting to our garage and cook shack. We also hope to run a fiber optic line in the same trench for internet access.

Finishing Team – June 5 – June 20

Bob Neuenschwander will be leading this team. They will be finishing drywall, painting, and installing trim throughout the garage.  Upstairs – The team will be installing ceiling fans and interior lighting as well as linoleum in the entryway and carpet in the sleeping area. We also have to build (6) bunks beds. Kitchen – The team will be staining kitchen walls and installing rough cut sawmill boards in the kitchen, building decorative false beams overhead and lighting. Bathroom – A full bathroom needs to be installed. We will also need some stone masons that will be collecting rocks from various locations on the mountain and installing it around the bottom of our garage. The Siding Crew that worked on the garage in July 2020 planned ahead for this team – leaving a 3 foot high area around the base of the building (see photo above).

If you have any questions or desire a team to serve in your area, please email us at: lightshinealaska@comcast.net