2021 Teams

2021 was a very successful year.

Tree Felling TeamMay 7 – 16Tom Denlinger led this team at the LightShine Alaska Missions Base. They focused on cutting down many trees and carefully stacking them for our sawmill team that came in July. Assignment is completed!

Water & Electric TeamMay 15 – May 31 – Mel Miller and Steve Hoey led this team at the LightShine Alaska Missions Base and installed the water, electric and septic systems for the new Bunkhouse. Assignment is completed!

Finishing Team 1 – May 28 – June 6 Clair Denlinger and Phil Givler led this team at the LightShine Alaska Missions Base. They finished drywall, painted, built bunk beds and installed a complete bathroom. Assignment is completed!

Gulkana Village TeamJune 4 – 13  This team was led by Steve Hoey. Assignment is completed!

Globe Creek Camp TeamJune 18 – 26  This team was led by Randy Sauder. Assignment is completed!

Bingle Camp TeamJune 26 – July 4  This team was led by Ben Ebersole.  Assignment is completed!

Sawmill TeamJune 25 – July 4  Carl Ginder led this team at the LightShine Alaska Missions Base. They milled logs with a sawmill, planed and stacked boards that were used for inside decorative trim and also preparing rough cut lumber at our missions base. They also built a new wood shed for storing the milled lumber. Assignment is completed!

World Eskimo & Indian Olympics TeamJuly 17-25  This team was led by Mark & Laura Raifsnider. Assignment is completed!

Kenny Lake Community Chapel TeamJuly 30 – August 8  This team was led by Bobby Neuenschwander. Assignment is completed!

Finishing Team 2August 27 – September 5  This team was led by Bob Neuenschwander and installed our kitchen, washer and dryer and several other projects. Assignment is completed!

Consider serving with us in 2022. Go to our “2022 Teams” page and look at all the opportunities. Begin to plan and raise your missionary support so you can meet the financial deadlines for your team.