Kenny Lake Community Chapel – 2021

July 30 – August 8

Kenny Lake Community Chapel was one of the churches planted by Rev. Vince Joy in the Copper River Valley. The church is in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness and is an important part of life in this region. If you look at this photo, the smaller building (with the steeple) was the original church building established in the 1960s and later the larger addition was built. In 2008, we sent a team to add 2 inches of insulation in the original building. In this part of Alaska, temperatures can drop to more than 40 degrees below zero. We desire to help this local church. Click on the photo above to go to their website.

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Our team tore down a nonbearing wall in one of the class rooms and made a larger preschool class room. They also added a shower in the bathroom so they can have missionaries/ speakers be able to stay at the church and have a full bathroom. There was also some painting and drywall patching and other miscellaneous projects around the church.

Bobby Neuenschwander led this team and will be leading another team to Kenny Lake in 2022. Bobby also led last year’s siding team at our missions base and was part of the Framing Team in 2019. If you have any questions for Bobby, email him at: or call him on his cell phone: (717) 341-0017