LightShine Base – Sawmill Team – 2021

June 25 – July 4

Below are more photos to show you the work they completed!

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This team followed up our Tree Felling Team which cut and stacked over 200 trees at our missions base in May. Many of the trees were killed by the Spruce Borer Beetle and needed to be thinned out on our 5 acres of land. Dead trees can be a risk for forest fires. We also cleared an area that we hope to build a Base Director’s home on in the coming years.

Carl Ginder (pictured here with his wife Eunice) will be led this team with Lloyd Heisey as the mill operator.

We would love to have you serve with us in the future. If you have any questions for Carl, email him at:  or call him at: 717-826-1947