WEIO 2022

July 9 – 19, 2022

(l-r) Grace Van Sickle, Payton, Laura and Mark Raifsnider

This was our 9th year working with the World Eskimo and Indian Olympics (commonly referred to as WEIO).  People from all over Alaska and beyond travel to attend the games.  The Olympics are held in Fairbanks every year.

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One thing that our team must always remember is that we are there to serve and learn as representatives of Jesus Christ. The differences between the indigenous culture and our own can become obvious in things such as how you shake hands or make eye contact with those you are talking to. Our goal is to share the love of Christ by serving others and it is also a time of learning how God works within other cultures to bring about His glory.

Click Here to learn more about the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

Mark & Laura Raifsnider led this team. If you have any questions about serving with them next year, please send an email to: forever71506@yahoo.com or you can call Mark at: 717-224-3358

Thank you so much in helping us partner with Youth With A Mission in this ministry!