Alaska Dream Center – 2019 Team PHOTO REPORT

Nathan Bond – Team Leader

Wow! What a trip!

This year’s trip was filled with great people, incredible experiences such as seeing the re-start to the Iditarod! 

We put in a lot of work, with long days and lots of hours. 

When we arrived at the Dream Center and began to dig into our kitchen renovation, we quickly learned that our project was about to double, if not triple in size. 

We ripped up multiple layers of subfloor and old water damaged flooring, and moldy drywall. Repaired faulty electric, and plumbing that would not pass any sort of code. We fixed what cabinets we could, however the majority of them were too far gone, they had to be thrown away. After gutting the kitchen, and removing all the heavy kitchen appliances, we started putting it back together. All brand new plumbing, brand new subfloor and laminate flooring, new cabinets, new drywall, as well as a window above the sink. And then of course the beautiful concrete countertops! 

Our team worked so well together, and got a great amount of work done! We were all blessed and proud to be apart of something bigger then ourselves, like the Alaska Dream Center. Their continued work in Alaska is continuing to change lives and create disciples of Christ! 

Nathan Bond

Here are some photos of the work our March team was able to accomplish. Thank you for sending and praying for this team!

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