COVID Guidelines & Policies

Wearing Masks on Your Team

In 2020, every volunteer for LightShine flying to Alaska had to take a Covid test and provide documentation of a negative result at the airport in Anchorage, Alaska when they got off the plane. Because everyone was negative, each team functioned as “a family of sorts” throughout their assignment since they would be eating and sleeping in close proximity to one another. Most likely, 2021 will be very similar.

Every one of our teams has a team leader who will be setting the specific policies for his/her team in regards to wearing masks. If you agree to serve on a particular team, your team leader will interpret and enforce whatever is required by local officials. Your team leader’s decisions should be honored and followed in this matter.

It is very unlikely that any of our teams will be wearing masks while working and living in Alaska unless the place we are serving requires it. It is also unlikely that we will require you to wear a mask while traveling together in our LightShine Ministries vehicles. But be advised that all team members and leaders are expected to wear masks while flying if the airlines continue to require it when your team is flying. We realize that airlines allow you to remove your mask while eating snacks and drinking. We simply ask that you do your best to represent LightShine Ministries with integrity at all times and make good decisions from moment to moment throughout your team’s assignment.

In this photo, Steve & Reneé Hoey were flying back home to Homer, Alaska and shared this photo from the plane. Steve is our “Director of Alaska Ministries“. He shared with our leadership team that most places outside of Anchorage do not wear masks. You should be aware of this fact before traveling with us.

Could you remove your mask in a public place if you are in a situation where no one else is wearing masks while traveling by vehicle in Alaska? Most likely, yes. Your team leader will understand the dynamics of each municipality, village or ministry location that you will be visiting and/or serving at. We encourage you to be in constant communication with your team leader and listen to them. Make it your goal to work together as a team.

Understand that many of our team leaders are not going to have you wear masks if the people we are working with are not wearing masks. There are parts of Alaska that have a “no mask” policy and there are other municipalities and villages that require them. Your team leader will be make it clear what is expected and you should follow their direction.

Obviously, if you personally desire to wear a mask throughout your assignment, we will honor you – although it will mostly likely not be possible to find you separate living arrangements. If that bothers you, we would ask you consider joining us on a team in the future after this is all over. Just keep in mind, that every one of your team members will have tested negative even to get off the plane in Alaska. There is no need for fear.

Regarding Vaccinations

As of February 2021, The government does not require travelers to have a vaccination to fly. We will be keep a close eye out for changing regulations as time gets closer to your departure.