Our Ministry Base

Developing Our Land

Since we purchased our land in 2017 we have been building our new missionary base. Take time to view the photo report albums from the 2019 Teams. These tools are vital in serving our many ministry contacts across the state. Our “Values Statement” says:

Our missionary emphasis is defined by prayerful direction from the Holy Spirit, a commitment to excellence in accomplishing every task, the attention to detail and integrity in communication with others, the careful stewarding of the tools and resources entrusted to us, and the faithful pursuit of building lifelong partnerships to keep the Body of Christ strong.

Thank you to all of you who have given your time and financial support to get this building dried in for the winter. Please read on to see how far we have come and the goals for 2020 for finishing this building.


1995 – 2001 – When we started taking yearly teams to Alaska in 1995, we were always picked up in Anchorage and driven to our assignment.

2001 – 2016 – When we met Wick & Candy Sunderland at Mountain Home Fellowship, our vision began to expand and we started to purchase our own vehicles, trailers and tools. They offered to let us keep our things at their ranch throughout the year.  Because of their help, we have grown to need own our place.

2017 – In October of 2017, the board of LightShine Ministries decided to move forward to begin our “Phase OneCapital Campaign and as a result, God’s people helped us raise the remaining $40,000 to add to the previously saved money to purchase the property for $100,000.

2018 – We were able to begin our Phase Two” Capital Campaign and God’s people helped us raise $18,300 which was used to clear land, build a road and renovate a small building into a cookhouse that will be used in the future. Watch our YouTube Video Report for 2018 by clicking HERE.

2019 – In November of 2018 we began our Phase Three” Capital Campaign to begin the process of raising money needed for purchasing building materials for a much needed garage to house all four vehicles, trailers and tools. Watch our YouTube Video Report for 2019 by clicking HERE.

2020 – This has been a hard year for all of us. But the work of the LORD needs to continue with “Phase Four”. We need your financial support to purchase building materials for the following teams:

New teams for 2020 to finish our garage!

2020 – The following teams are planning on finishing the interior of the garage starting in May of 2020:

July 10 – 19LightShine Missionary Base – Electrical Team – (3) Electricians & (2) Carpenters – Installing electrical service to the garage and cook shack, install windows & general carpentry needs. The $5,000 needed to purchase materials for this team HAS BEEN GIVEN!

July 17 – 26LightShine Missionary Base – Insulation & Plumbing Team(4) General Laborers, (3) Plumbers, (1) Carpenter – We are hiring an insulation company in Alaska to apply spray foam to exterior walls of this building. We need several people on this team that can help with the “prep work” laying plastic, taping off windows and other areas that need to be protected as well as clean-up afterwards. We will not be using fiberglas insulation in case you were wondering.  We also would like several people who can do plumbing to do rough in plumbing in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, wash sink in garage and pressure tank. This is an important team that has to complete its work before our Drywall Team arrives. The $18,000 needed to purchase materials for this team HAS BEEN GIVEN!

July 24 – August 2 – LightShine Missionary Base – Drywall Team – (4 – 6) Drywall hangers and finishers –

August 1-9 – LightShine Missionary Base – Siding Team – (6-8) carpenters will be installing rustic siding on the garage and building an outside staircase to the second floor.

Each of these teams are currently being formed and we are believing God will provide the money we need by April 2020 to have the building materials ready for each team. That is the purpose of our Capital Campaign. CLICK HERE to read more about that or click on the “EMPOWERING Generation to Generation” logo.

Would you consider giving towards this need? Could you sponsor the building material costs for one of our teams above?  Click on the logo above for more information. All financial gifts are tax deductible. It is all for His Glory!

Thank you so much!

Tom Denlinger – Ministry Director




Let Your work appear to Your servants,
And Your glory to their children.
And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands for us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands.

Psalm 90:16-17

Make All Checks Payable To:

LightShine Ministries
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