Our Vision for the Future

We have been ministering in Alaska since 1995 and have grown to the size where we need to purchase our own property. You can read more specifically about our goals for our ministry base by clicking HERE.

Our long term vision is to establish a base of operations that can be a hub of activity to send teams all over Alaska who come to serve. A fully functioning lodge that can house at least two teams of 12 people at the same time will allow a team coming in to Alaska to interact with a team that has just completed its assignment in Alaska. Our staff will provide transportation to and from the airport in Anchorage and provide our teams with all the tools, vehicles and training needed to do their job.

At our main office in Pennsylvania, our staff will work hard at building teams of people to send to Alaska. We have been building infrastructure there since the beginning and we have built great relationships with many local churches.

We also want to work with other ministries that need a place to stay on their first night in Alaska before going to their assignments.