Dream Center 2023

June 17 – 25   Assignment Completed!

Take time to view this team’s work in Alaska in this photo report below …

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Thank you for all of those who served and supported them financially. The work they did at the Alaska Dream Center was a great encouragement to the leadership of this ministry.

The Alaska Dream Center has served men who are dealing with addiction recovery. In 2017 LightShine Ministries sent a work team to help prepare a new location to serve women. That effort, coupled with volunteers from other locations, enabled the Dream Center to open for women in June 2017. There is still work to be done to afford more women to opportunity to find help in their struggle to be free.

Cherise and Rob Hyslip, along with counselors and staff, provide a one-year residential program at no cost to the clients they serve. They know the importance of healing mind, body and spirit in recovering from addictions so they make certain that all aspects of the person are served. Graduates of the program attest to the effectiveness of the Dream Center approach which, for many, is their first encounter with the love of the risen Savior.

Leon Heisey led this year’s Dream Center team. Leon has served on several LightShine teams including to Copper Center Community Chapel and Globe Creek Bible Camp.  Leon has extensive experience in missions and served with his family in Mongolia in the past. He loves the Lord and is excited to work alongside you to help the Dream Center flourish in their ministry.

If you have any questions about this trip or would like to talk about serving next year, call or email Leon at: 717-917-7540 or email him at: leonheisey2@gmail.com