Capital Campaign

We are very excited to announce our Capital Campaign starting the Fall of 2019! The theme of this campaign was something God gave us that communicates our desire to sow into the next generation. All of us desire is to finish well. But making disciples is what our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to do. All of our team leaders are trained to draw out more leaders from their teams and continue to build more leaders. In the process, many others are blessed and His Kingdom is strengthened in Alaska. Please take time to watch this video and pray for us …


When we purchased our new property in Phase 1 – 2017, we knew it was the LORD’s perfect will because He provided all we needed to purchase it for $100,000. In Phase 2 – 2018, He provided another $20,000 through His people to build a cookhouse and prepare a building site for a new garage. In Phase 3 – 2019, He provided another $80,000 to build our garage and get it dried in for this coming winter. That means in the last three years, God provided $200,000 through His people and we currently have no debt! We are excited to push forward to complete this missionary base that will be used to send our teams all over the state of Alaska for decades to come!

Our 5 Year Plan

Because we saw Him providing for all our needs, our LightShine Alaska Leadership Team made plans to begin this Capital Campaign to plan the development of the rest of our missionary base. Working with John Miller at JHM & Associates, we began planning this campaign to raise capital for completing the following additional phases over the next 5 years.

The following projected expenditures reflect the goals of this capital campaign. Although some specific businesses will be contracted, the majority of the labor to complete these phases will be provided by missionary teams.

Phase 4 – The interior of the GARAGE (which includes a kitchen, bathroom, laundry and upstairs apartment), WELL & SEPTIC in 2020$75,000

Phase 5 – MAIN LODGE 2021/2022 (which includes clearing land, site preparation and build) – $500,000

Phase 6 – STAFF HOUSE & MINISTRY OFFICE in 2023/2024 (cost includes demolition of existing house & site work) – $300,000

Phase 7 – GUEST CABINS IN 2025 (will be used for staff workers and rental possibilities for getaways for people in ministry) – $25,000


This aerial view shows the location of our missionary base and the different stages of development. If you would stand on the ground level (on location) at the light blue dot, this artists rendering (below) shows the placement of the garage and main lodge that will be used for housing our teams.

This property will be the “base camp” for all our teams. When they arrive in Anchorage, they will be picked up at the airport and spend their first night here at our base. They next day, they will have the opportunity to eat a good breakfast before traveling to their assignment. Most teams travel 700 – 1,200 miles throughout their assignment. Upon completing their assignment, they return to our base before flying home. We are excited that this missionary base will be a place that God uses to change many lives!

Partnerships With Other Ministries

Our ever expanding ministry network in Alaska will provide many opportunities others to rent our facilities in the future when we complete them. Our desire is to eventually have a full time Base Director who will live with his/her family in our staff house and run our ministry office with a small staff. We desire to rent our guest cabins to pastors and others in ministry as a place of quiet retreat to “re-charge their batteries”. RV pads will be for those traveling that desire to provide volunteer labor at our base. We have a plan to make this property self-sustaining in the coming years.

LightShine International Ministries is our formal name as a registered 501(c)(3) organization with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We continue to grow and expand by God’s grace and through the partnership of those who see the work that God is doing through us. We invite you to be part of this ministry. 2020 will be our 25th year serving Bible camps, local churches and other ministries in Alaska.

Would you like to have us come to your home and explain this campaign to you?

Please contact Leon Heisey at: or call him at: 717-460-5644
Thank you for giving towards this Kingdom focused ministry. Holy is His Name!