Carl & Eunice Ginder

Carl & Eunice Ginder have been working with LightShine since 2009. Here is a note from Carl:

My first trip with LightShine was in 2009. I have been going back ever since. I have enjoyed learning about the culture and traditions of the Alaskans as well as the history of this storied land. I feel a sense of accomplishment when a team I have led blesses a ministry with the gift of a job well done. I enjoy hearing from team members who have grown personally in their faith as a result of their service and through the experience of interacting with the team.

Most of my working life was in administration and management in non-profit organizations. I felt that my work was a ministry and always tried to do it as unto the Lord. After I retired at the end of 2011, I found that I had the time to get involved more deeply in ministries where I could use the skills and expertise I gained over a lifetime of working. My sense of fulfillment now comes, first, from developing leaders who continue going back year after year to the same ministry and deepen those relationships. Secondly, I enjoy handling many of the administrative details for LightShine and serving on the board of directors. I frequently encourage others, including those around my own age (seventies), to get involved in our ministry.

My wife, Eunice, has been a tremendous supporter and encourager. She has gone along on several trips and we have shared the experiences of serving together and experiencing God’s wondrous creation. She often talks with wives of men who are considering a mission trip with LightShine. She patiently explains what is involved in a trip and how important spousal support can be.

One of my favorite photos at Seldovia during a project in 2010