Ben Ebersole

My first contact with LightShine Ministries was in 2014 when the Lord brought Carl Ginder into my path.  We met at a cookout and a casual conversation about Alaska turned out to be a life-changing opportunity.  I had always wanted to travel to Alaska and had plans to do so after college but after securing a teaching position in Baltimore, Maryland those intentions moved to the back burner.  As it turned out God had plans to take me to Alaska on His timeline.

After leaving the construction industry in 2001, I continued to work on jobs for friends and family.  During those years, I found that the projects I enjoyed most were not those which provided the greatest monetary compensation, but those that blessed someone in need.  As my relationship with Jesus Christ matured, so did the desire to use my skills to further His Kingdom and reflect His love.  I increasingly prayed for an opportunity to use my gifts to bless others through service and LightShine was the answer to that prayer. I served on my first LightShine team at Bingle Camp in 2015 and have had to privilege of serving on the Board of Directors since 2017.

I attend Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church with my wonderful wife Maura and my 3 children.  When I’m not serving with LightShine you’ll find me teaching Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science at Donegal High School in Mount Joy, PA or being blessed by time with my family.