Our Leadership Team

Board Members

Tom Denlinger – Ministry Director/Public Relations
Jeff Zimmerman – Administration/Finance
Mel Miller – Director of Facilities
Carl Ginder – Administration/Finance
Steve (& Renee Hoey) – Director of Team Leader Development
Nancy Brown – Marketing/Events
Ron Good –
Ben Ebersole –

Team Leaders 

Mel Miller – Globe Creek Camp
Ron Good – Copper Center
Rob Paire – Sutton
Steve & Renee Hoey – Gulkana
Ben Ebersole – Bingle Camp
Carl Ginder – WEIO
Mark Raifsnider – WEIO
Jeff Flowers – Northgate House of Prayer
Brian George – Northgate House of Prayer

Volunteer Staff

Larry Newell – Vehicles in Alaska
Teri Newell – Record Keeping
Matt Steinkamp – Bookkeeper

Team Leader Page (password required)