Gulkana Village Team 2023

June 16 – 25  Assignment Completed!
Take time to watch their photo report of all the did for the village (below) …

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2023 was our 11thyear of working with our friends in Gulkana Village. This year’s project centered around helping them maintain their culture camp area. “Culture Camp” is held each year for kids in the Ahtna villages to preserve the traditional ways of living off the land. Over the past several years, the erosion along the Gulkana River (as well as fast moving storms) have washed away the old culture camp area. Thank you for all of those who gave financially to send this team. You encouraged many, many people.

Steve Hoey (pictured with his wife, Renee) was the team leader for this team. If you desire to join next year’s team, you can email Steve at:

“Thank you” for another amazing year to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and point others to Him!