LightShine Base 2023 – Bunkhouse Team

July 7 – 16  Assignment Completed!

This team finished several important jobs at our missions base. Take time to view this photo album of their work. “Thank you” to all of you who served and to those who sent them.

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This was a very successful team! Our missions base is the sending point for all the missions teams that come to Alaska. There is much more work to do. Our goal is to finish our house to become our Base Director’s home so someone can live there full-time and steward the tools that God has entrusted to us.

Mel Miller led this team. Mel has been working with LightShine since 2008 and is our Director of Facilities. If you have any questions for Mel, email him at: or call him on his cell phone: (717) 418-6089

2024 will have many more possibilities!