Gulkana Village

We have been serving in the native village of Gulkana since 2013. This year the team will be working on projects at the Culture camp.

Dream Center

This team will be working in two parts - one helping to clear ground on 80 acres to make room for buildings to house their men and women programs and the other part of the team will be working at the Anchorage Air Force Base dismantling buildings to get them ready to move to the […]

Bingle Camp

Bingle camp is located on Harding Lake and this year the team will be constructing a new boat house.

LightShine Base – Bunkhouse Team

This team will be finishing the stone work on the outside of the bunkhouse and watershed and also doing a variety of woodworking projects with the lumber that was slabbed from trees cut down two years ago.

World Eskimo and Indian Olympics

Our team will once again assist in setting up, tearing down, and serving wherever they are needed at the games.

Globe Creek Camp

This will be a two week team working on various construction projects around the camp.

Cross Road Medical Center

Our team will be working several homes that are in need of repair. They have 20 homes that house their staff and each one has work to be done.

Solanco Fair

Stop by our booth to hear about the 2024 mission teams working in Alaska.

West Lampeter Fair

Stop by our booth to hear about the work we do in Alaska and the mission teams we have planned for 2024!

LightShine Family Picnic

As we finish the year of serving in Alaska, we bring our teams and families together to celebrate the accomplishments and thank the families that support their loved one serving in Alaska. It's a great time of fellowship.

Manheim Farm Show

We have attended the Manheim Farm Show for many years and have gained awesome team members and team leaders from our booth set up at this farm show. Stop by to say hi and hear about the work we will be doing in Alaska in 2024!

LightShine Christmas Party

This is a great time to invite our supporters, team members and their families and thank them for all they do for LightShine Ministries. RSVP Nancy Shaffer for this event that will be held at Burning Hearts Community Church at 2460 New Holland Pike, Leola, PA 17601

LightShine Ministries Alaska