2024 Teams

This is the first time in the history of our ministry where we had to plan over a year in advance! We thank the LORD for how He is moving on the hearts of people to plan ahead to serve Him in 2024.

I you look at our “2022 Teams” pages, you will see photo reports from mostly the same places we are serving in 2023. In 2024, we will most likely be going back to the same places with slight “tweaks” in the schedule due to dates being slightly different. We usually have teams fly on a Friday, serve one week and fly home Saturday night of the following week. So, although we done have specific team dates set yet for 2024, you can get a good idea where we will be serving by look at the “2023 Teams” page. With some exceptions, here is a new opportunity for March of 2024 …

The Arctic Winter Games

We are planning on bringing a ministry team to the 2024 Arctic Winter Games which is being held from March 10-16, 2024. We do not have a lot of details on this team but what we do know is that we need a team of people who are trained and interested in direct ministry of prayer and evangelism at these games. We are going to be finding out more about the needs of these games this summer when we spend time with some of the leaders of the games and find out what they want us to provide. Be in prayer about this, please. This will obviously be a winter missions trip and you will most likely be spending some of your time outside – volunteering at the games. More coming on this soon!

Gulkana Village Team 2024

There is a team forming from The Upper Room Missionary Church in York. Mike & Jacintha Simione will be leading this team with Steve & Renée Hoey. More info will be unfolding in the coming months. NOTE: There may also be a second team forming for Gulkana Village from Port Matilda Baptist Church.

Cross Road Medical Center 2024

There is a team forming for the last week in July. More info will be unfolding in the coming months.