House Team 2 2024

June 7 – 16  Assignment Completed!

(l-r) Audrey & Andy Stinson, Adam Albright, Chad Phamn, Kim Hunt, Team Leaders – Bob & Angie Neuenschwander

This team was led by Bob & Angie Neuenschwander who are moving into the house as our new Base Director. The goal of this team was to follow up “House Team 1” by finishing seal coating exterior wood siding and interior trim board. Take time to view some photos of their work …

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Step by step, each team that serves at the LightShine Missions Base is helping set up systems that will help us to run the base year round!

Thank you for sending this team and your continued financial help in helping us. Lord willing, “House Team 3” will be installing all the exterior siding and beginning to work inside the house.

Bob & Angie Neueschwander

You can contact Bob & Angie for all future correspondence at this email:

“O Lord our God, let your sweet beauty rest upon us.
Come work with us, and then our works will endure;
you will give us success in all we do.”

Psalm 90:17 – The Passion Translation