Leadership Team

Carl Ginder – Administrator / Chairman of the Board

Carl Ginder started working with LightShine Ministries in 2009. Carl’s specific area of leadership is in Administration and Finances. Before he retired Carl worked for 30 years in administration in two different retirement communities. He enjoys helping to make vision into reality. He understands that it is important to have a board structure allows each member to focus on their strength and unite as one strong team. After leading work teams into new areas for several years, Carl now sees his task as developing new leaders to continue the mission. CLICK ON HIS PHOTO to read more.


Tom Denlinger – Ministry Director / Vice Chairman of the Board

Tom is the co-founder of LightShine Ministries and initiated the original vision for our work in Alaska. Tom, his wife, Ruth and first son made their first trip to serve in Alaska in 1995. Tom personally led teams almost every year since then. Tom now oversees the working of the ministry, sets goals for LightShine as the Ministry Director and enjoys casting vision for further growth. His specific area of leadership is in Public Relations. This requires him to keep in contact with all our ministry partners in Alaska and loves to meet with new connections and hear the vision that God has given them. Tom is our website and graphic designer as well as a photographer and videographer.  He also accepts opportunities to speak, give PowerPoint reports and cast vision for missions in local churches everywhere. CLICK ON HIS PHOTO to read more.

Jeff ZimmermanTreasurer

Jeff is the co-founder of LightShine Ministries.  He has worked with finances, legal issues, ministry development, staff oversight and administration from the start of the ministry.  Before LightShine he worked with overseas mission teams and in youth ministry.  He enjoys helping people connect their gifts into what God is calling them to do and assisting them in accomplishing God’s plans and projects.  Jeff’s specific area of leadership is in Administration and Finances. CLICK ON HIS PHOTO to read more.



Nancy BrownSecretary

Nancy Brown has been with LightShine Ministries since 2013. In 2015 she was asked to join the board of LightShine and give insight to marketing the ministry and assisting with event planning.  Nancy has worked at Oregon Dairy since 1989 where she is the marketing manager, special events coordinator and a member of the leadership team.



Mel Miller – Director of Facilities

Mel Miller took his first missions trip with LightShine Ministries in 2008 and has been serving the ministry ever since.  Mel has been serving on the board of Directors and most recently has been given oversight of LightShine property, vehicles, tools and equipment.  He leads teams to work specifically at Globe Creek Camp north of Fairbanks and works closely with Camp Director, Mike Dynes.  Mel enjoys using the talents God has gifted with him to serve others and seeing new people discover the joy of serving in short term missions. CLICK ON HIS PHOTO to read more.


Steve Hoey – Director of Team Leader Development

Steve is responsible for appointing, training and oversight of all of LightShine’s Team Leaders. Steve and his wife, Renée, have been involved with ministry in Alaska since 2009 and specifically with LightShine since 2011. Their current area of ministry in Alaska is the Village of Gulkana in the Copper River Valley and also working with Regent Life Church in Homer, Alaska. CLICK ON HIS PHOTO to read more.


Ron Good – Team Leader

Ron has been working with LightShine since 2015. One is one of our team leaders and works primarily in the Copper Center/Tazlina area in the Copper River Valley northeast of Anchorage. He also serves on our Design Team which is planning the development of our LightShine Missionary Base. CLICK ON HIS PHOTO to read more.



Ben Ebersole – Team Leader

Ben has been working with LightShine since 2015. Ben is one of our team leaders and focus ministry in Alaska is at Bingle Camp which is southeast of Fairbanks. Ben’s desire is to help Camp Director Steve Spencer maintain the camp and renovate aging buildings that are tools for ministry at the camp. Ben is also on our Design Team and is gifted in developing building design and engineering. CLICK ON HIS PHOTO to read more.





Please pray for these LightShine leaders. They put a lot of personal time into their calling before the LORD.